The busbar trunking system (from 800A), both feeder and plug-in, shall be sandwich construction. All busbar trunking products and fittings (straight length, elbow, tees, flanged ends, cable tap box and circuit breaker, etc.) shall be in accordance with IEC 60439:2005 or UL857 and from the same manufacturer as the busbar trunking system. The degree of protection of the busbar trunking system should be IP54 in accordance to IEC 60529.
Rated operation voltage of the busbar trunking is 1000V. 3 Phase, 4 Wire with 50% capacity continual integral/internal earth busbar. The neutral conductor should have the same cross-sectional area as the phase conductor (3P 4W 100%N + 50%E). The earth busbar must be one continuous piece without bolting on housing.

Busway is used to transmit power instead of conventional power cable.

1. Housing

  • The busbar trunking housing shall be constructed of code gauge steel and aluminum to reduce hysteresis and eddy current loses and shall be provided with a suitable protective finish of ANSI 49 grey epoxy paint.
  • The busbar trunking housing shall be totally enclosed non-ventilated for protection against mechanical damage and dust accumulation. And it shall pass at least 500 hours salt spray test to ensure the anticorrosion ability.
  • The totally enclosed housing shall be manufactured by the busbar trunking manufacturer. Modifications of busbar trunking to make it totally enclosed by other than the busbar trunking manufacturer voids the manufacturer’s warranty. Busbar trunking so modified is unacceptable without the written consent of the manufacturer.

2. Busbars

  • Busbars shall be of hard drawn sliver-plated high conductivity copper of 99.9% purity or aluminum with bimetal cladding utilized Molecular Fusion technology
  • There shall be no bolts passing through the busbars of the busway

3. Insulation

  • Each busbar shall be insulated with Class B (130 ℃ DuPont Mylar) or Class F rated (155℃ DuPont Melinex) polyester film. Epoxy insulation is not allowed.
  • The temperature rise at any point of the busbar trunking enclosure shall not exceed 55 degree Centigrade rise above ambient temperature when operation at rated current.

4. Support of busbar Trunking

  • Hanger spacing shall be noted on layout drawings and shall not exceed manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • Indoor feeder and plug-in busbar trunking shall be approved for hanger spacing of up to 3 meters for horizontally mounted run and 4.88 meters for vertically mounted runs. Outdoor feeder busbar trunking shall be approved for spacing of up to 1.5 meters for horizontally or vertically mounted runs.
Manufacturer Schneider, Siemens
Standard IEC 60439-2
Country of Origin China
Rated insulated voltage 1000V
Rated current Xem bản vẽ
Ingress of Protection (IP) IP54
Structure of Busway 3 phase 4 bar: 3P+100%N+50%E
Integrated shell
Type of Busway Sandwich
Earthing TNS
Conductor/ busbar type Aluminum (Copper contact)
Material at joint (joint connections & tap off ) Silver-plated Bi-metal cladding
Temperature rise at any point of the busbar enclosure <  550C
Type of insulation Polyester Dupont Mylar (Class B)
Class of insulation B (1300C)
Safety mark on all the product (assurance full product safety testing, factory inspection & surveillance under independent authority) KEMA-KEUR
Housing material Gauge steel & Aluminum
Housing finishing Epoxy polyester powder coated (ANSI 49)

Aluminum Busway

Rated Busbar  (A) 3200A 2500A 1250A 1000A
Dimension (Height x Width) mm 149×412 149×323 149×148 149×120
Weight (Kg/m) 39.7 33.5 17.8 15.6

Cooper Busway

Rated Busbar  (A) 3200A 2500A 1250A 1000A
Dimension (Height x Width) mm 149×412 149×323 149×148 149×120
Weight (Kg/m) 39.7 33.5 17.8 15.6
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