Hawee company supplys the entire system of electric cabinets for SEPV factory


Sumitomo Electric Interconnect Products Vietnam Factory (SEPV) was built in Tien Son Industrial Zone, Tu Son, Bac Ninh, specializing in electronic products such as heat and pressure cylinder processing of laser printers, electronic printed circuit type software and components electronic wiring.

As a subsidiary of reputation brand Sumitomo Electric Fine Polymer, SEPV was invested with modern infrastructure, ensuring speed and quality of the entire production line.
With experience in manufacturing and installation of electrical cabinet systems for many large projects, to meet the high demands of customers, Hawee is selected by M&E contractor of the project SEPV – Kurihara Vietnam Co., Ltd. – to become the provider the entire system of MSB cabinets, DB and fire hydrant cabinets for SEPV plant project, with a contract value of more than 4 billion dongs.
Main Switch Board MSB is the input for the entire system of voltage electricity of a building, so this is the most important factor in the low voltage power distribution network. DB System is arranged after MSB and before consumption load. MSB and DB system Fire hydrant cabinets of Hawee company are produced and tested according to IEC 61439-1 (full type Tested), materials produced according to JIS G3302 Japanese, European EN and ASTM (USA), ensuring artistic, technical and easy in installation.
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