Hawee wins the bid of providing the cable ladder of EVN project


Hawee has officially become the supplier of cable ladder of the EVN Tan Binh project, developed by Ho Chi Minh City Power Corporation with Searefico is the main electromechanical contractor.

Tan Binh project is placed at 2 – 4 Pho Quang, Ho Chi Minh with the total area of approximate 9,000 m2 and the total investment of around 60 billion.
The cabinet factory, cable trays and ladder of Hawee is placed in Tien Son Industrial Zone, Tu Son, Bac Ninh and has officially gone in operation since June, 2011. Up to now, Hawee factory has been considered to have a large scale area with the leading machinery equipment production line in the industry.
After the contract being signed, Hawee has rapidly executed the production plan and officially handed over the cable ladder to EVN Tan Binh project on September16th, 2011 with the exact quality and design that met the requirement of the partner.

The cable ladders produced by Hawee headquarters is being moved to Tan Binh Electricity

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