Hawee’s ladder cable trays presents at the most luxurious project


Recently, Hawee has officially become the ladder cable trays supplier for the five star project - Marriott Hanoi hotel with the total contract value of over 10 billion VND.

With the motto says “no” to slow construction, Hawee’s factory has continuously boosted producing, working overtime to hand over the products to customers, partners including Marriot Hotel by the deadline set.
Up to now, the ladder cable trays of Hawee have been installed at Marriot Hotel with guaranteed quality, nice design, satisfying customers.
Although Hawee’s factory has just gone into operation since June, 2011, it’s the duly investment in manufacturing, material, machinery equipment and skillful engineering staff, the ladder cable trays produced by Hawee have confidentially affirmed its level in such luxury projects as five star Marriot Hanoi Hotel.

Perspective of Marriot Hotel Hanoi

The ladder cable trays that Hawee provides at the Marriot Hotel

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