Learn the process of producing electrical switchboard at Hawee’s factory


At Hawee factory - electrical switchboard manufacturing processes are tightly controlled by the quality standard ISO 9001: 2008.

Depending on the requirements of each customer, electrical switchboards will be designed by experienced engineers with the size and standard principle diagram.
To get the best products, input materials are always appreciated as the most important factor which affects “class” of products. For the electric switchboard of Hawee, materials are imported from Zam steel (Japan), Cooper (Thailand), Nisshin Steel (Japan), Jotun paints … produced on modern lines of TRUMPF (Germany).
After checking the input standard, mechanical workshops begin producing mechanical processing. The mechanical processing products are tested by the QC department at factory.
Qualified mechanical products will be moved to the paint workshop. Here, the products are powder coated and galvanized. The products are painted beautifully, durably with Norway technology coating Norway.

Once the product is painted according to requested standards – assembly workshop will proceed to assemble equipments into enclosure. Here, the assembly workers must determine routing wire (layout cable tray) and run the cables to the cabinet and equipments as standard. Assemble is especially important section and controlled by the skilled engineer.
To get a complete product, electrical switchboards are tested without load by the QC department – this is imperative to check the insulation and operation according to required design standards.
Standard products will be packaged and shipped to the construction / project on orders from customers and partners.
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