Schneider Electric transferred technology of Blokset low voltage cabinet


Recently, Hawee and Schneider Electric signed a technology transfer contract of manufacturing Blokset cabinet. Accordingly, Hawee will manufacture low-voltage cabinet Blokset since early 2014.

This contract will allow Hawee to access market of advanced power distribution and will contribute to increase the quality of infrastructure in Vietnam.
After signing the contract, engineers of Hawee participated in researching and training in Schneider China. After 1 week of training, Hawee’s engineers focused on manufacturing drawings and completing prototype cabinet in the end of this year.
With supports from Schneider Vietnam, Hawee quickly mastered of the technical documentation and production technology of Blokset cabinet.
Market segmentation of low voltage cabinet Blokset.
Since being introduced to the market in 1988 by Schneider Electric (France), Blokset was successfully installed over 100,000 cabinets worldwide, mainly for buildings, industry, infrastructure and construction. In Vietnam, Schneider Electric has supplied voltage cabinet Blokset for large projects such as the International Terminal of Tan Son Nhat, Nhon Trach I Power Plant, and Zamil Steel Plant
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