The Biggest Switchboard Factory’s Grand Opening Ceremony Attracts over 200 Guests


In the morning of June 22nd, Hawee’s Switchboard Factory, Industrial Zone Tien Son, Bac Ninh had greeted over 200 guests coming to attend the Grand Opening Ceremony and visit the most modern production line systems in Vietnam.

From early morning, many delegations had come with fresh bouquet to congratulate the inauguration of Hawee’s Switchboard Factory with the most modern production lines in Vietnam that were imported from Germany and G7 countries.

The auditorium was filled with 200 guests that are partners, loyal and potential customers of Hawee.
Singer Trong Tan performed the chamber music with many romance, popular songs that associated with the image of Hawee like: Nhung Anh Sao Dem, Bai Ca Xay Dung the duet with singer Lan Anh in Cong Truong Ron Tieng Ca.
The performance were welcomed by the guests, delegates and Hawee staff
Hawee’s Director Board and one representative of the guests cut the ribbon, official inaugurate Hawee’s Factory.

The guests were soon impressed as after the cutting-ribbon ceremony is the visit tour of the modern production lines and the production progress of cable ladder trays, support system done in several minutes thanks to advanced technology.

The produce command is controlled on the machine.
The machine produces the most modern switchboards, cable ladder trays, support systems in Vietnam at Hawee’s factory.
Right after the ceremony, Hawee’s factory got more attention from customers and had more order until 2012.
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