The comprehensive cooperation between Hawee and Kinden Vietnam


On August 9th, 2011, at Hawee’s factory (Tien Son, Bac Ninh), Mr. Toshio Kanaya had a second visit and work with Hawee as inspecting products to be used at projects that Kinden is developing in Vietnam.

Kinden is a Japanese company that operates with 100% foreign investment. The company is specialized in designing, estimating, providing material and equipment, installation and doing electromechanical maintenance for construction projects that have the ODA and FDI capital from Japan and other international projects.
Currently, Hawee has been selected as Kinden Vietnam’s partner as supplying cabinets for projects that Kinden Vietnam develops as Jarguar Factory, Hitachi Factory, Vietinak Factory, NCI projects… With one of the world’s most modern technology line of Trumpf (Germany) and the best materials as: lamination Zam (imported from Japanese),  bronze (imported from Thailand)…  and a team of vocational workers, Hawee’s products have conquered the most demanding customers as Japanese contractors.
The presence of Mr. Toshio Kanaya has marked an important step in improving the strategic partnership between the two parties in the future.

Representative of Kinden Vietnam tests cabinets’ product at Hawee’s  factory


Workers at the cabinet factory of Hawee

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