The Versatile Guest House La Thanh uses the entire system of electrical cabinets manufactured by Hawee


Versatile Guest house in Block D on premises La Thanh Guest House, by the National Convention Centre under the Office of the Government as an investor, is built on a land area of approximately 4000m2, in which the construction area is 1686m2, with a height of 15 floors and 01 basement, from the 1st to the 4th floor is arranged as management offices, restaurants, sport facilities, health care; from the 5th floor to the 15th floor is the main function of office and rooms are equipped with modern furnitures 5 star standard.

The confidence of the investor and contractors Manh Tin Company, Hawee becomes the supplier the entire system of power cabinets for this key project. With a team of experienced engineers, hundreds of skilled factory workers and equipment systems of modern machinery, Hawee committed to deliver product ensuring quality and schedule, meeting the best customer’s expectations.

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